Author: faizahmed

Separate Yourself

Basketball is a game of separation. If you want to create a distinction between you and your peers. You must learn how to separate.Football, a game of inches.Baseball, a game of failure.Soccer, a game of tactical patience.Boxing, a sport of kings.Basketball, is a game of runs, angles and finding advantages. I have a new one. […]

Daring Magnificent Brave

Reader, This is not for you. It is for someone I know struggling right now. Struggling to grasp, onto something. Anything. But you, the reader. I hope you remember these words. When life feels like a Slip N’ Slide. And you feel yourself Falling,Falling.Falling… with nothing to hold on to. Because that moment will come. […]

Let’s Talk Communication

“Communication does not always occur naturally, even among a tight-knit group of individuals. Communication must be taught and practiced in order to bring everyone together as one.” – Coach K Picture a coach and I’ll bet they are yelling on the sideline. This is likely about their team not communicating. Or at a ref, fine. […]

Plan Your Ideal Day

Schedules suck, I hate them, you hate them. And I’m convinced the solution you are looking for right now is to schedule everything. A lot of us are feeling the pandemic blues. I know I am. We’re almost through it. I promise. But right now, a lot of us feel like we are missing something. […]

Hello World.

I don’t live a conventional life – I live in polarity. My strict morning routine lasts three hours. It consists of what I must get done. Calm mind, healthy body. Then I start my day. From this point on everything I do feels like play. This can be reading, film study, prompted reflection, imagining or […]