Hello World.

I don’t live a conventional life – I live in polarity. My strict morning routine lasts three hours. It consists of what I must get done. Calm mind, healthy body. Then I start my day. From this point on everything I do feels like play. This can be reading, film study, prompted reflection, imagining or simply getting bored. 

With this freedom. I explore the opposite. I ask questions of the unknown. I apply mental models across disciplines. I will make errors – we can examine them together. I love to change my mind and indulge in different perspectives. I hope my articles do the same for you.

In 2020, I have called four different cities home. In 2016 I took seven flights in six weeks to work with the elite players and coaches. This took me to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, St. Louis and Iowa. I’ll find the best wherever they are. This persistent pursuit is what led me to coach professional basketball overseas and build my professional clientele back home. 

My experience has been atypical. As I reflect through the recordings of my journal I recognized I needed a place to share my experiences, thoughts and the learnings that have resulted. That is this blog. Most success stories have the benefit of hindsight. Here, I will chronicle my thinking as it moulds. We’ll witness the failures and successes – but most important will be a glimpse into the process. Don’t be surprised to see different beliefs across time. Or even in the same article.

These days typically what’s on my mind is productivity, philosophy, pedagogy. I believe these three connect me back to my purpose – using passions to level up on the ‘Path of Mastery’.

I’d like this blog to be a conversation. Comments are encouraged. Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.