Daring Magnificent Brave


This is not for you. It is for someone I know struggling right now. Struggling to grasp, onto something. Anything. But you, the reader. I hope you remember these words. When life feels like a Slip N’ Slide. And you feel yourself

Falling… with nothing to hold on to.

Because that moment will come. It does for everyone. Often. When you least anticipate.
And too commonly, when you believe you have laid the last brick of your safe castle.

It happens to everyone, at any moment.

And this is what I need. You, whom this letter is for. To understand right now. What you are feeling is universally felt. To different degrees, for different lengths. And in response to different triggers.

You may feel alone. But in what you feel – you are not alone.

And you have every reason to feel alone.
Those meant to support you, and keep you safe. Turned into the living danger you face.
Those now relying on your support, adding weight to already heavy shoulders.
Those dreams of your future. The potential antidote to your past. Dreams that were ripped away. Unfairly. Dreams you are attempting to resuscitate. Dreams so big, so scary.

But you are not alone. Few weeks have passed since we, your friends and I got together to celebrate you. You, for what you accomplished.
And what was repeated constantly. Was not only your most recent milestone. But a celebration of your repeated bravery to share your gifts with the world.

So, on behalf of those that love you. I have a request.

Be selfish.

For us.
It is the most selfless thing you can do.

Timeline is one framework used for contrasting depression and anxiety. Depression lives in the past. Anxiety lives in the future. Both are felt in the present. Because now is all we have.
I imagine you are bouncing back and forth between the two. As you plot a future to slay the demons still lurking from your past. While keeping serious obligations in mind.  
I don’t blame you for it. No one does. Okay maybe just one, maybe just you.

Take ten seconds to breathe. Ten minutes to meditate. Ten hours to sprawl out with your journal. Whatever you need.
And in that time, I hope you come back to a truth you know all too well. That nothing truly exists. Except,

Here and now.

Here and now.
Is all we have – this moment.
And when you come back to that foundational truth.
I think you’ll find the foundation that you have been searching for.
A foundation for a house with a guest room. So your demons can visit. But not stay.
A foundation to keep your family safe.
A foundation you can build your dreams on.

So go on. Break another barrier.

For you. For whom this letter is for. Go on, be selfish. Take care of yourself. Embody the strong body, mind and spirit we know to be you. Protect those around you by being an example of how to protect yourself.
Be creative, be courageous. And give us; the fans of you. A reason to keep the celebrations going.

Lastly. When you are ready, pick up the phone. No rush. No timelines. Just a pulse.

And to the readers that made it this far. I appreciate you. Know that I am here for you too.

Faiz Ahmed